The second and latest trailer for Warren Beatty‘s Rules Don’t Apply (20th Century Fox, 11.23) is selling a Lily Collins-Alden Ehrenreich late ’50s love story with Beatty’s Howard Hughes character as a distinctive second banana. Remember the days when this thing was known as “Beatty’s Howard Hughes flick”? Well, Matthew Broderick has more screen time in this trailer than Beatty does. Either Rules really is a Lily-and-Alden love story with Beatty’s Hughes relegated to colorful, second-tier status, or a decision has been made to sell it that way, or it’s a combination of the two. Beatty has screened the film for friends, interview press and some Variety guys, but not for online know-it-alls like myself so I don’t know what the shot is.

  • K. Bowen

    One thing is for sure … it’s one of the worst titles in a long time.

    How do you make a film about one of the most colorful, controversial and legendary Americans and give it a title that sounds like a mid-tier Kate Hudson movie?

    • Thom Phoolery

      I thought it was the title for the Bill & Hillary biopic.

      • Jenniferjpena3

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    • Maybe that was the idea.

  • Mike Shea

    I don’t usually get thrown by physical traits, but don’t Lily Collins’ eyebrows seem ridiculously large for a 50s-era starlet?

  • Raygo

    Good trailer. Great cast. Bad timing … maybe this should have been made 15 years ago. It seems like one of those HBO movies that get made because they can re-use the sets and costumes from Boardwalk Empire and Mildred Pierce. It’s like Kevin Spacey’s Bobby Darin biopic … the project had clearly lingered too long in development hell, yet they made it anyway.

  • Peter Bongo

    Lily Collins is a dud with zero screen charisma. He should have made it with Carey Mulligan like he’d planned a couple years before.

    • Carey Mulligan…yes! But she might be a little too old now to play the fresh-faced novice from the Midwest.

  • Aaron

    Well, we can’t say Dick Tracy is his least effort anymore.

    • Dr. New Jersey

      Dick Tracy > Town and Country > Love Affair.

      • Edward

        Nothing least about Dick Tracy or Town and Country

  • Heiron

    If it turns out that Beatty is some sort of quirky old cupid helping young love find its way, I’m reminded of Cary Grant in “Walk Don’t Run” and wonder if we’re seeing a similar swan song.

    • It’s not that, I can tell you.

      • Heiron

        Great to hear. Never like to see all-timers finish with a stumble.

  • GotoSleep

    I’m happy to get lost in this world for a few hours.