Danny Boyle and Richard CurtisYesterday hasn’t won overwhelming critical support, but apparently it’s going to sell a lot of tickets. I’m not saying it’s going to match Bohemian Rhapsody numbers, but a similar dichotomy has kicked in — mezzo-mezzo reactions on RT and Metacritic but hugely popular with Average Joes. Moderators of two film clubs or classes (one in Los Angeles, another in Westchester County) said the same things.

L.A guy: “Yesterday played way through the roof with my crowd (biggest of the season), really one of the most enthusiastic responses I’ve ever had. You could really see this crowd, perfect age for Beatle memories, dig this in a very big way.”

Westchester guy: “Not only did the screening sell out but the audience was probably half kids, from about ten into their teens. Most there with their parents. This sold out strictly on word-of-mouth and an email blast to the membership — in other words, a lot of people have seen this trailer and apparently want to see this movie. It was a big, big hit with the audience. A lot of people last night walked out smiling, wiping away tears.”