The Times Online‘s Kate Muir informs that Michael Clayton costar Tilda Swinton, while playing an American executive so gripped by vice-like ambition and desperation that she hires a killing to save her career, “was attracted to the miserable, lonely underwear scene.

“Alone in her hotel room, Swinton’s character, Karen Crowder, sits before the dressing-table mirror rehearsing a corporate speech. She’s in her bra, and a middle-aged droop of flesh sags beneath the strap on her back.

“‘That image struck me very early on when I was reading the script,’ Swinton recalls fondly. ‘It was one of the things that made me want to do the film — it made her seem vulnerable. She needed to have a certain kind of body, which I built with the help of rather a lot of pie.'”

I’ve never been so relieved that I don’t like pie as I am right now. Quentin Tarantino has written about eating pie in his scripts (Natural Born Killers, True Romance), and you can see today that pie (among other things) has had its way with him. Has anyone noticed how the so-called Key Lime pie that Woody Harrelson orders in NBK isn’t Key Lime pie at all, but a kind of bullshit Dunkin’ Donuts lime-jello thing?