“In The Darjeeling Limited, director Wes Anderson “toys with those who believe all fiction is autobiographical: Jason Schwartzman‘s Jack, a writer, is frequently protesting that his stories — which the audience knows to be taken directly from his life — are pure fiction.

“I don’t think I’d want to write about three brothers if it weren’t for the fact that I have two brothers and there were three of us growing up and that comes from my own experience,” Anderson tells Globe and Mail writer Simon Houpt.

“So does Anderson understand why he keeps gnawing at the theme of fractured families?

“He pauses as if he’s never been asked the question. ‘I guess, maybe — well, you know what? It’s very hard for me to answer,’ he says. ‘I certainly, you know, couldn’t help but be aware that that’s something that’s always in these movies, but umm, I don’t know why I feel that drawn to that material.’

“He pauses again. ‘Umm, I’ll think about it.’ He laughs quietly, to himself. Nothing more is forthcoming.”