I’ve decided to double-post the Oscar Balloon — it’s on the main page (ten items down from the top) as well as on its own page. Somehow it got un-designed as a result of the server switchover so it has no tint or flair or anything — it looks awful right now. (But it’ll be fixed this weekend. I hope.)
I’ve tried to prune out the stragglers and the good-but-not-good-enoughers. Josh Brolin‘s lead performance in W. is the the latest surge in the Best Actor category. Unless reports come in to the contrary, experience has taught me that anything to do with Ed Zwick (such as Defiance) is a non-starter. I think Angelina Jolie is looking good for Best Actress in Changeling, but I’m not so sure about the film or director Clint Eastwood in their respective categories. I obviously have some work to do on the Best Foreign Feature front.
Any and all suggestions are welcome.