For the last three-plus hours I’ve been trying to load a large (360 mg) mp4 video of an interview I did this morning with Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. But the transfer rate is so slow that it’s stalled twice and I’m on the verge of giving up. For now. Tonight I’ll try editing it down into three or four segments and see what happens. I’ve also got an mp3 that I recorded simultaneously.
The Toronto Film Festival has to try and do more to provide more flat-screens for journalists to use at the Sutton Plaza headquarters, yes, but what it needs to provide more than anything else is a couple of huge rooms with super-strong wifi and a shitload of desks and chairs. They need to provide, in short, an equivalent of Cannes’ Orange Cafe and press lounge inside the Palais, which have offered reliable super-strength “air” over the past few years. (The press lounge wifi wasn’t running this year, actually, although it was last year and, as I recall, the year before.) All I know is that this festival has been marked by one wifi hassle after another, and I’m feeling worn down to the nub.