A friend and a p.r. guy who works in midtown Manhattan offered an interesting Milk post earlier today:

“After recently seeing Milk last weekend i was struck by its thematic/plot similarities to Braveheart, to wit: (a) both are about a revolutionary figure who finds his calling mid-life; (b) this figure unites a previously persecuted group to fight for change (gays and Scots; (c) in so doing, said figure naturally upsets certain status quo political place-holders (Anita Bryant and John Briggs in Milk, the monarchy in Braveheart); (d) said figure is a great motivator and public speaker, leads troops into battle/marches and protests; (e) said figure is ultimately killed but his legacy lives on and inspires a new generation to challenge ruling authority

“I realize that these themes are common to a lot of Hollywood biopic inspirational pics,” he concluded, “but this comparison really leapt out at me.”