I had a nice plate of Eggs Benedict and some very cool conversing this morning with Duplicity director-writer Tony Gilroy at BLT, an upscale country-type restaurant at the corner of Sixth and Central Park South. An industrial espionage caper romance with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, Duplicity is agreeably layered and much sharper and more agile-minded than yours truly. That’s a compliment. Don’t people hate thrillers they can figure out too easily? Those smarter-than-me types, I suspect, are going to love this.

Duplicity director-writer Tony Gilroy — Saturday, 3.7, 9:35 am.

As Michael Clayton did a year and a half ago, Duplicity made me feel like the slow kid in the back of the class. I was into it, on top of it, closely examining, leaning forward, waiting for the Big Thing to happen, wondering if I’d somehow missed it, getting worried…and then it all kicked in. I can’t review the film until 3.19, but I’ll tap out something about our chat tomorrow.