Like everyone else and fool that I am, I thought it might be nice to go somewhere for a night or two over the July 4th weekend. I first thought about Long Beach Island, but every motel owner I spoke to insisted on a three-night minimum. I finally found a nice-looking place called the Drifting Sands that was willing to rent for just Friday night — great. Except they wanted $325.00 for a simple beach-facing room with a TV and a king-sized bed and a cot. That turned me off. If there was a big drought these guys would charge $20 for a gallon of water.

So I forgot about LBI and found a nice little inn in Walton, NY, where my father used to have a cabin on the river (which he bought from Mork & Mindy‘s Pam Dawber). The Walton Inn only charged $75 bills. A little less than a two-hour drive. Leaving tomorrow morning. Stay just one night, I’m thinking, and maybe stop by the Bethel Arts Center, which I didn’t visit during my previous visit to the original Woodstock festival site, on the way back. And then back in Manhattan in time for the fireworks over the Hudson on Saturday night.