“Quite a few of the summer films up to this point have whiffed on the ‘coherent story’ aspect of the equation. Not The A-Team! It’s a remake with verve. One-liners throughout, over-the-top and outlandish action, an internally logical plot structure. You’ll take it. We’ll take it. Consider it taken.” — Laramy Legel, Film.com.

“Somehow [what The A-Team does] is okay. It’s an experiment in propulsion and personality over substance and story, [and Joe] Carnahan directs as if his audience were made up of creatures without thought or memory, who can be distracted only by flashing images and wisecracks. But the sheer motion, the spectacle and the flashes of wit take The A-Team out of the realm of garbage. It’s fun.” — Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle.

“There is no arguing that the movie is absurdly overlong and ridiculously underdeveloped. But the leads do seem to be having fun. The wisecracks are just goofy enough to remain endearing (aside from a few decidedly old-fashioned, sexist insults). And most important for an unforgettable summer action flick, Carnahan knows how to stage mayhem equally well on land and in the air.” — Elizabeth Weitzman, N.Y. Daily News.