When it comes to animating Ralph Fiennes‘ Lord Voldemort character in the last two Potter films, director David Yates, a mid-range journeyman if there ever was one, is a huge fan of that madman howl. Which asounds awfully generic to me, and is, by the way, extremely similar to that leopard howl that Charles Ruggles shared with his dinner companions in Bringing Up Baby.

My point, I suppose, is this: if you’re going to imitate somebody else’s howl, imitate a really creepy one. Like Alan Batesdemonic banshee scream in Jerzy Skolimowski‘s The Shout.

Ignoring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 is an ongoing pleasure, but I’m wondering what kind of maoschistic moron do you have to be to see this trailer and go “yeah, looks good, can’t wait,” etc.?