Jon Huntsman is the only sane, more-or-less reasonable-sounding Republican candidate for the Presidency outside of Mitt Romney, who has disqualified himself for being a slithering, say-anything shape-shifter. Huntsman’s mildly thoughtful, fair-minded mentality, however, is presumably going to cause him great difficulty with the impassioned wingnuts who are expected to vote heavily and devotedly in the 2012 Republican primaries. Some commentators are saying Huntman is dead — he’s way too measured and logical to make it with the wackos.

I’m going to suppress my anger and vote for Obama in 2012, but if a Republican were to win, I could at least tolerate Huntsman. Tolerate, I say — not support. The country needs more than just a good-looking, to-the-manor born Mormon…please. But at least he’s not a reality-denying, corporate-fellating primitive and Christian-visionary wackazoid like Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann.