I respected Cabin In The Woods but I felt poisoned and sickened all the same. An instinct told me to miss Life Happens, and now it’s open with a 32% Rotten Tomatoes rating. I was too lazy or disorganized to see Lockout, but no worries — it’s also rated poorly. I liked Monsieur Lazhar but I had a problem with a teacher hanging herself in a classroom. I didn’t get to last Tuesday’s Three Stooges screening…no excuse. But a 42% RT rating = meh.

So Lazhar is the best bet among the newbies, but I’ll be going to that DCP TCM Classic Film Festival screening of Vertigo at the big Chinese, and we’ll see about that 1.85 vs.1.66 thing once and for all. I like getting out in the rain and feeling cold and challenged. It reminds me of back east.