For what it’s worth (and I know this will surely fall on deaf ears as far as you-know-who is concerned) but despite last night’s Selma shutout in the BAFTA nominations….well, that’s a pretty bad sign, isn’t it? Not even a Brits-need-to-stick-together nomination for Best Actor contender David Oyelowo? That doesn’t seem….uhm, fair. Oyelowo’s MLK performance is definitely accomplished enough for Oscar consideration. Anyway I really wouldn’t mind at all if Selma manages to score a Best Picture nom…honestly. And the way this might happen is from a sympathy that AMPAS voters might feel over the numerous attacks upon its historical veracity. Selma has become a punching bag, and once that kind of thing reaches critical mass people sometimes say to themselves “okay, enough already…historical filmmakers always distort and this was no different…cut the poor film a break.” Is there any chance of this happening?

I am one of the biggest softies when it comes to offering forgiveness. Selma has been taken out to the woodshed. Director-uncredited cowriter Ava DuVernay has, I would presume, learned her lesson. At the end of the day Selma is good enough to warrant a Best Picture nomination. It can’t win and is no one’s idea of monumental cinema, but it’s gotten enough right and stirred enough people in the right way to deserve this honor.