David Spade‘s Charlie, a mousey, married-with-kids bank manager, complains that his life “sucks” and that the joy-and-discovery phase is totally over and that it’s all downhill from here on. HE to Charlie: If you want your life to change try shaving off that awful fucking moustache, for openers. Seriously, when I was young and failing (i.e., before the journalism thing kicked in around ’79) I used to daydream about doing a Jack Nicholson-in-The Passenger and starting all over. What is The Do-Over (Netflix, 7.7) actually about? How white-knuckle terrifying it would be to suddenly swan-dive into a wild-ass life under the guidance of Adam Sandler‘s Max Kesler. In short, it’s a movie that wants to persuade you that your miserable, mousey life isn’t so bad after all.