This German poster for Jim Jarmusch‘s Paterson, which will open in Berlin on 11.17 or roughly 40 days before debuting stateside, is perfect — damn near good enough to hang on your living-room wall. The only thing wrong is that it lies about the relationship between Adam Driver‘s Paterson, a bus-driving poet, and Marvin the bulldog. They hate each other in the film, but Marvin is the problem. I tweeted during last May’s Cannes Film Festival that “if Todd Solondz had been around Marvin would’ve been flattened by a truck.” Have I ever met a dog this hateful in real life? No, never. It’s one of the things I couldn’t buy in Paterson — no dog has ever been this evil. I knew a male cat (belonged to girlfriend I was living with) who disliked me so much that he once pissed on my pillow, but he sealed his fate when he did that.