Respect for departed editor Barry Malkin, primarily known for his long professional association with Francis Coppola, and condolences to friends, family and fans.

Malkin edited (either partly or wholly) The Rain People, Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?, The Godfather Part II (with Richard Marks and Peter Zinner), Apocalypse Now, Somebody Killed Her Husband, Last Embrace, One Trick Pony, Four Friends, Hammett, Rumble Fish, The Cotton Club (with Robert Q. Lovett), Peggy Sue Got Married, Gardens of Stone, Big, Coppola’s segment of New York Stories, The Godfather Part III (with Lisa Fruchtman and Walter Murch), The Freshman, Honeymoon in Vegas, Jack, The Rainmaker.

But my favorite Malkin cutting job was on The Godfather Saga (’77), a sequential blend of The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II that ran 434 minutes. Coppola reportedly sold this project to raise money for Apocalypse Now, which was heavily over-budget at the time. The Godfather Saga originally aired on NBC over four consecutive nights (one three-hour segment and three two-hour segments including commercials). On 3.3.12 AMC re-broadcast The Godfather Saga in HD. This version also reinstated violent sequences that had previously been removed for its original broadcast. To my knowledge The Godfather Saga has never gone to Bluray, and you can’t stream it either.