I offered to divulge the ending of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood to a friend, and she said “sure.” I sent it along. Her reaction: “Oh, I kind of like that. But it’s definitely a shitstorm waiting to happen.”

I offered the same info to a producer friend. She politely declined but mentioned that “the ending is posted on Wikipedia” so it’s not a big deal anyway. I went right to the page….hilarious! The Wiki ending is all but completely fabricated.

In a 6.6. Hollywood Reporter piece about Quentin Tarantino’s film, Tatiana Siegel wrote that “the road will inevitably get bumpier for Tarantino over the ensuing weeks,” in part because “the film features graphic depictions of violence against women.”

Siegel is alluding to beatings along the lines of what happened to Jennifer Jason Leigh‘s character in The Hateful Eight, which I for one found sadistic and repellent. No specifics, of course, but I didn’t have this same reaction to the alluded-to violence in OUATIH.