I recently read somewhere that most U.S. citizens have never visited more than eight states. It goes without saying that most of us who drive or fly around tend to avoid the poor land-locked states or those known for bumblefuck, hee-haw, shotgun-rack mindsets. We also tend to favor the coastal states or those with extra-beautiful scenery (Colorado, Utah, Montana, northern California).

The states I’ve visited (36) are boldfaced below with certain designations. My faves are California, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Florida, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Georgia.

U = have visited, driven through, meh
V = have lived there for years
W = have never visited, and probably never will
X = visited, liked the architecture and/or atmosphere, liked the people and the vibe, would like to return.
Y = briefly visited because I wanted to leave as quickly as possible, and did.
Z = have flown over.

Alabama / Y; Alaska / W; Arizona / X; Arkansas / W; California / V; Colorado / X; Connecticut / V; Delaware / Y; Florida / X (Miami, Key West); Georgia / X; (Savannah, I mean); Hawaii / X; Idaho / U; Illinois / U; Indiana / U; Iowa / Z

Kansas / U; Kentucky / W; Louisiana / X; Maine / Z; Maryland / UMassachusetts / X; Michigan / Z, W; Minnesota / Z, W; Mississippi / X (Oxford, Tupelo); Missouri / Z; Montana / X; Nebraska / Z;

Nevada / X; New Hampshire / X; New Jersey / V; New Mexico / X; New York / V; North Carolina / Y; North Dakota / Z.

Ohio / U; Oklahoma / U; Oregon / X; Pennsylvania / Y; Rhode Island / U; South Carolina / U;

South Dakota / Z; Tennessee / Z; Texas / X; Utah / X ; Vermont / X; Virginia / X; Washington / X (Seattle); West Virginia / W; Wisconsin / X; Wyoming / X.