From Richard Rushfield’s latest “Ankler” column: “Since time immemorial, the Sunday afternoon take on the box office was always at least equal parts spin — and compliant journalists — to reality. But in this reopening era, the reports are taking on a vaguely psychedelic gloss.

“So three weeks ago The Suicide Squad, [having cost] around $150M – $200M, opens for $26.2M + (plus) it’s on streaming, and that’s a catastrophe. A week later, Free Guy, with a budget of $150M-ish, opens to $28.3M and no VOD and it’s the success that saved cinema?

“No offense to either film. Maybe they are both great successes. Or both disasters. We can tackle that another day.

“But this analysis is no longer just moving the goalposts. We’re playing a Quickfire Challenge on a Quidditch field by the rules of Parcheesi at this point.”