I for one wouldn’t see Kyra Sedgwick‘s Story of A Girl (Lifetime, 7.23) with a knife at my back. It’s about a young girl (Ryann Shane) coping with unwanted notoriety from a viral sex-tape video, surreptitiously captured when she was only 13. It’s not the execution, which for all I know is pretty good or even expert, but the premise. In what way is cruel and odious behavior on the part of nearly everyone in a small community remotely interesting? I’m not surprised there was next to no interest when it screened the other day at the L.A. Film Festival, which in itself exudes a generally droopy vibe. Pic is based on a book by Sara Zarr.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Los Angeles Film Festival, where the turnout for the world premiere of Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut looks like this.” — Variety‘s Peter Debruge on Instagram.