Who would want to bang out predictions for a bunch of Golden Globe nominations? The winners are of some interest, but the nominees? We all know the films and performances that will probably make the cut, and if this or that favored contender doesn’t make it then the Golden Globe nominators will have caused a stir and maybe a few gasps.

The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards are slated for 1.7.18, or a week and a half before everyone leaves for Park City (and thank God for that spiritual vacation from the hammer blows of the Oscar game). Oscar nominations will close voting on Friday, 1.13.17. Oscar noms will be announced on Wednesday, 1.24, or during the final third of Sundance ’18.

The 2018 Golden Globes nominations will be announced tomorrow morning at (choke) 5 am Pacific.

Likely noms in Best Picture – Drama category: Call Me by Your Name, The Post, The Shape of Water, Dunkirk, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Florida Project, Darkest Hour. 50/50 prognosis on Mudbound. Question: Given the HFPA’s absurdly loose definition of “comedy or musical”, why isn’t the sometimes darkly humorous Three Billboards expected to compete in that category? I don’t consider Three Billboards to be a comedy, but it’s certainly funnier than I, Tonya, which the HFPA will apparently place in the hah-hah category.

Likely noms in Best Picture – Comedy or Musical category: The Big Sick, I, Tonya, Lady Bird, The Disaster Artist, Get Out. Has anyone seen The Greatest Showman? I could see the HFPA nominating it in order to get Hugh Jackman and company to occupy a table, but given the presumptions about this film it would be highly cynical to nominate it just to nominate it.

I don’t see the point in predicting acting, directing or screenwriting nominations. Okay, Call me By Your Name‘s Luca Guadagnino should be nominated for Best Director. I just don’t feel like expending the energy. I’ll jump into everything tomorrow. At a decent hour.