I’d be lying if I said I’m sorry that Emily Blunt isn’t costarring in Soldado, the upcoming Sicario sequel that opens on 6.29.18. Badass Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin will do the job fine, thanks. I’m not interested in watching Blunt deliver her looks of horror at all the carnage, no offense. If you have fast eyes you’ll spot a glimpse in the trailer of Catherine Keener. Who’s the woman who dives under the truck? Isabela Moner? Matthew Modine also costars.

From my 5.19.15 Sicario review: “The tale, such as it is, is told from the perspective of Emily Blunt‘s FBI field agent, who, being a 21st Century woman who’s in touch with her emotions, is of course stunned and devastated by the unrelenting carnage blah blah. You know what I’d like to see just once? A female FBI agent who isn’t in touch with her emotions, or at least one who tones it down when it comes to showing them. Too much to ask for, right?”