Friend: Time to stop your crybaby whining and get on the Biden train. We have to take Trump out and Joe is, at least right now, our best bet.

HE to friend: “At least right now” — yeah, you said it.

Joe is Mr. Wrong for 2020. Mr. Out of Time. Bruce Dern in Coming Home. All he has going for his candidacy is Name Recognition & an association with Obama Comfort. He’s always been a gaffe-master extraordinaire, but he will out-do himself over the next 12 months. Sooner or later he’ll collapse like a deck of cards. Because he’s 10, 15 or 20 years too late. Because the train has left the station and he’s not on it. Partly or largely because he’s TOO DAMN OLD.

Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete.

Friend: You’re a fucking idiot. You’re just helping Trump. You should stop talking about politics.

HE to friend: Yeah, I was dead-ass wrong when I said over and over that while I’d be voting for Hillary Clinton, she was nonetheless without the right charismatic stuff and actually hugely dislikable. Obviously the only sane Presidential candidate in the ’16 general election, but that cackle and those eye bags were toxic. And then she fainted at that World Trade Center event. And her stupid email server. After the fact I spelled out what went wrong.