It wasn’t my idea, but the other night I watched an episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Episode 2, as it turned out — “Superhuman Law”.

I don’t what to say or even think. I knew I would never catch another episode so I watched with what you might call a dispassionate attitude. I didn’t hate it but I felt nothing….nothing at all. (I nodded off just before it ended, to be completely honest.) Yes, yes…some are calling She-Hulk woke Disney-corporate garbage and others approve of the feminist manifesto aspect. I have to admit that I liked hanging with the She-Hulk version of “Jen Walters” — tall, buff, striking, green — more than Tatiana Maslany on her lonesome.

That aside I don’t care. A window into the void. It didn’t flatline my soul — it just didn’t do anything.