The sacrificial departure of Alissa Heinerscheid, the Budweiser marketing vp who pushed the incendiary Dylan Mulvaney promotion, was reported last Friday night (4.21) by Ad Age‘s Jon Springer.

Two days later Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver taped a segment that criticized the American bumblefuck brigade for their bigoted reactions to the Mulvaney campaign. The show typically tapes on Sunday at 6:15 pm. Given Oliver’s stated concern about dealing with old news (or failing to deal with new news), it seemed derelict that he didn’t at least mention Heinerscheid’s decision to take a “leave of absence“, which of course was not voluntary and clearly reflected concerns by Anhauser-Busch senior management.

It was reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal that Heinerscheid’s boss, Daniel Blake, has also been made to walk the plank.