It has long been my conviction that HE commenter Castor Troy, Jr. is a liar and a flinger of mud pies. I find him detestable, and here’s one reason why.

Chris Rock‘s Martin Luther King film will be based upon Jonathan Eig’s “King: A Life. It’s been described by its publisher as an “intimate portrayal of King as a courageous but emotionally troubled individual who demanded peaceful protest while grappling with his own frailties and a government that hunted him.”

Initial HE reaction: Emotionally troubled?? Because he routinely cheated on his wife (Coretta Scott King) with white women in hotel rooms? Didn’t that just make him a standard-issue hound? Maybe he felt he needed perversity in his life to counter-balance everything else?

I wrote yesterday that football star and actor Jim Brown “was into white women also. Was this due to Brown being a somewhat frail, emotionally troubled guy, or was it because his tastes simply led him in this direction?

“Remember that Spartacus scene in which Laurence Olivier‘s Marcus Licinius Crassus says he enjoys both snails and oysters? Were Crassus’s appetites a result of his being an emotionally unstable fellow? As J.J. Hunsecker once said, ‘Are we kids or what?'”

What did Castor Troy, Jr. make of this? Like a good little scumbag, he slandered.