The Discovery Channel’s All the President’s Men Revisited, airing on Sunday, is “a look at the [Watergate] scandal that toppled Richard M. Nixon and made Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein famous,” writes N.Y. Times columnist-critic Alessandra Stanley. “But the documentary gives almost as much credit to Mr. Redford for making a movie about Watergate as it does to The Washington Post for sticking with the story.

“That’s probably because Mr. Redford, who not only played Mr. Woodward in the film but also bought the rights to the Woodward-Bernstein book ‘All The President’s Men’ and was instrumental in getting the film made, is the narrator and executive producer of this documentary. And in his telling, the true story and the movie version are so closely linked that when Dustin Hoffman, who played Mr. Bernstein, says, ‘And Bob did something that was brilliant,’ he means Bob Redford, not Bob Woodward.

All the President’s Men Revisited is nonetheless well worth a look, less because it is so well made than because the subject is still so captivating.”