There are at least two versions of Dick Powell‘s response upon being told that Alan Ladd had fallen in love with June Allyson, Powell’s wife, during the filming of The McConnell Story (’55). The story is that Ladd and Allyson fell hard but they never “did it,” which sounds like Allyson’s bullshit story to Powell. It seems inconceivable that Ladd would leave his wife, Sue Carol, over his Allyson entanglement without dipping his wick. Version #1 has Ladd calling Powell and saying “I’m in love with your wife,” and Powell replies “everyone is in love with my wife.” Version #2 (which comes from Allyson’s autobiography) has Carol calling Powell and asking “do you know Alan is in love with your wife, June?,” and Powell replies “isn’t everyone?”

Nick Tosches and others have reported that Allyson had a long-running affair with Dean Martin. You’d better believe Dino closed the deal like a jackrabbit.

I guess I’m saying that whatever really happened, I prefer to believe that Ladd didn’t keep things all platonic and Brief Encounter-ish because…I’m sorry but it seems wussy. I’m basically saying I’d rather believe that Shane was a stick man than not.