From John DeFore’s 6.15.15 Hollywood Reporter review: “The closing credits of Too Late promise that ‘no hidden cuts were used in the making of this movie’ — no small feat given the technical challenge that writer-director Dennis Hauck set for himself, his cast and crew. A contemporary detective drama that draws heavily on the idiom of hard-boiled noir, the feature unfolds in five long scenes, or acts, each one a continuous take of about 20 minutes, and all of it shot on film.

John Hawkes grounds the experiment with his droll, soulful lead turn as Mel Sampson, an emotionally wounded, world-weary but honorable private investigator (is there any other kind?). But with its overt nods to movies, nonlinear structure and purple-tinged dialogue, the self-conscious artifice of Hauck’s first feature can be suffocating. This narrative puzzle should be more fun than it is.”

Observation #1: Hawkes isn’t studly or swaggering enough to be a commanding lead. With something like this I want to see somebody with the cat-like coolness of Paul Newman in Harper. Observation #2: Pic features a fair number of shots of pretty women in their underwear. Leering horndog-ism, yes, but better them than Hawkes.

Boilerplate: “Backed up by an eclectic supporting cast that includes Robert Forster, Dichen Lachman, Natalie Zea, Crystal Reed, Vail Bloom, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Jeff Fahey, Joanna Cassidy, Rider Strong and Dash Mihok, the film premiered to mostly positive reviews at last year’s Los Angeles Film Festival.

Too Late will have the rare honor of being released exclusively on 35mm in select theaters, opening first in Los Angeles on March 18th before expanding to other cities in April.”