Friday morning I began coughing a bit. By noon I felt some form of the flu coming on. So a few hours later I went to Erewhon Natural Foods Market and bought a buncha stuff to take. Oxylent, Emergen-C, Wellness Formula tablets, Gaia Oil of Oregano tablets, Mucinex cough syrup, Planetary Cherry Bark Syrup. I took an antibiotic last night and it seemed to dry things up in my lungs; going to pick a few more today. Maybe I’ll also buy a packet of antihistamines.

One way or the other I can’t be under the weather when I leave for Sundance on Wednesday so maybe I should blow off the Golden Globes viewing party and the three after-parties? I have to decide quickly. I have to be in Century City to catch the Fox shuttle by 4 or 4:15 pm. My responsible self is saying “be sensible, give yourself a rest, save your energy for Sundance.” My less-responsible side is saying “eff it…you’ll be okay…you don’t want to miss this!”