To put an end to the bullshit and as a sop to the Stalinists who live for the dream of sentencing this or that free-thinking columnist to a term in a Siberian gulag, I am informing the only two serious sexists within the HE commenting community — LexG and Dulouz Gray — that if either one taps out one more remark that I consider to be cruel and unduly dismissive or hateful towards women, they are absolute toast on this site. I don’t think anyone else has posted comments that could be called consistently ugly towards women, but I will henceforth monitor the HE comment community like a hawk.

I have also sent the following email to Women and Hollywood‘s Melissa Silverstein: “I wrote you two or three days ago, asking you to please point out three instances in which I revealed myself to be an unregenerate sexist. Nothing came back. As you evidently lack the character and the courage to explain what my alleged offenses have been in my writings, I will thank you to show professional courtesy and not try to tarnish me as a sexist in any conversation or email exchange ever again. I gave you the opportunity to point out my perceptive shortcomings, and you hid behind your desk in response. That ends it, in my book. Please stop spreading mustard gas, and I will reciprocate in a polite and respectful way with you, or when your name comes up in the company of others.”