I’m feeling a bit woozy as I read the latest reports from Italy’s Lombardy region. 627 dead over the last 24. Roughly 500 died on Wednesday. Medical workers can’t keep up. 80something percent of the dead were over 70. Bodies piled high, loaded into military trucks, authorities overwhelmed. More than 4,000 dead so far — more than any other nation — and “nearly 6,000 new infections were confirmed [over] the past day, bringing the total to more than 47,000 cases.”

Excerpt: “Daniela Confalonieri, an Italian nurse in Milan, said the situation was so dire that the dead were no longer being counted. ‘We’re working in a state of very high stress and tension,’ Confalonieri told Reuters. ‘Unfortunately we can’t contain the situation in Lombardy. There’s a high level of contagion and we’re not even counting the dead any more. Look at the news that’s coming out of Italy and take note of what the situation really is like. It’s unimaginable.”