A few hours ago Reuters’ Emily Stephenson reported that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have indeed explored the idea of debating each other sometime before the June 7th California primary, or sometime next week. It could be broadcast on Fox or maybe on The Young Turks YouTube channel, but please, please make this happen. The entire nation would tune in for what would be a highly clarifying, not to mention hugely entertaining, exchange of views.

If it comes together, two things will happen. Bernie will definitely get a boost when he gives it to Trump with both barrels. And Hillary Clinton will almost certainly take a hit if, as expected, she doesn’t take part. But she might. Anything could happen.

If Hillary doesn’t take part she’ll almost certainly risk seeming smug and entitled (she’s already declined to debate Bernie due to the mathematical certainty that she’ll have the Democratic nomination wrapped up after June 7th so why risk it?) or chickenshit over concerns that she’ll be slammed over the Justice Department’s two-day-old Inspector General report that sharply criticized her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

Stephenson posted the following Trump quotes: (a) “I’d love to debate Bernie…I think it would get very high ratings. It would be in a big arena”, and (b) “I’d love to debate Bernie, but they’ll have to pay a lot of money for it.” Trump was apparently referring to a supposition that a debate with Sanders could raise up to $15 million for charity.

More: “Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in an email there were no formal plans yet for a debate. But Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN there had been ‘a few discussions’ between the campaigns about the details. ‘We hope that he will not chicken out,” Weaver said. “We hope Donald Trump has the courage to get on stage now that he said he would.”

“A nationally televised debate with the presumptive Republican nominee would be a big boost to his chances in the California primary on June 7, when Clinton is likely to clinch the nomination.

“The idea was hatched during an appearance by Trump on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live late on Wednesday. Kimmel said he asked Trump about the debate at the suggestion of Sanders.

“‘Game on,’ Sanders tweeted. ‘I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary.'”