Billy Bean (Brad Pitt) to Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) in Moneyball: “Would you rather get one shot in the head or five to the chest and bleed to death?”

Brand to Bean: (beat) “Are those my only two options?”

In Titan submersible “you’re fucked” terms, would you rather die instantly from a catastrophic implosion (and I mean so fast you probably wouldn’t even have a half-second to say “oh, shit!” before hearing the angels sing) or would you rather die slowly from a lack of breathable oxygen and grapple with all the psychological torment and panic that goes with that?

If (and I say “if“) the five travellers perished from a submersible implosion, they obviously, in a manner of speaking and given an either-or death scenario…they caught a kind of break. Compared to the other agonizing option, I mean. If the sub imploded, they wound up dying faster and smoother than any of us probably will.

Reported by The Daily Mail‘s Martin Robinson, Rory Tingle, Darren Boyle and Jen Smith / Updated at 13:24, 6.22.23:

The landing frame and rear cover of the missing Titan submersible have been discovered on the ocean floor, according to experts involved in the search. [The experts] say it points to the vessel suffering a ‘catastrophic implosion‘ that will have claimed all five of the lives on board.

“The US Coast Guard announced on Twitter that the ‘debris field’ had been found on Thursday.

“They are yet to confirm what was found, but Richard Garriott, President of the Explorers’ Club, tells his understanding from the teams involved in the search is that those items were found.

“It would mean the sub suffered a crack and imploded, killing all five men on board instantly.

“A debris field implies there’s a break up of the submersible and at that depth, because we know that they lost communications at around [garbled] so that really indicates what is the worst case scenario which is a catastrophic failure, an implosion.

“The only saving grace is that it would have been immediate, literally in milliseconds and the men would have no idea what was happening,’ David Mearns, a friend of two of the men on board, said during an appearance on Sky News in the UK this evening. He added: ‘My worst fears have now been realized.’

“A Boston press conference has been scheduled for 3pm EST (10pm BST) where the Coast Guard said it would discuss the ‘findings’.

“It brings a devastating development to the search mission, which had been emphatically categorized as rescue effort — and not a recovery — by US officials. The world has been praying for a ‘miracle’ after rescuers estimated the vital oxygen supply would end at 7.08am EST (12.08pm UK time).