I just want to tell you something that I think you should hear. I know something, and I could tell you how I know but you wouldn’t believe me or you’d think I’m nuts so let’s skip that part. But I know this and I want you to really try and…well, not reject it outright. Just let what I’m going to say hang there, at least. Just let in hang in the air and be still.

Marilyn Monroe shooting skinny-dip scene in Something’s Got To Give in early June 1962.

I’m eccentric, okay, but not any crazier than you or anyone else in your circle, and I’m telling you this because you have a potentially rich and rewarding life ahead of you, and possibly even a beautiful life. Really. You do. I’m telling you this because…because I want you to try and listen because this is a good thing, not a bad thing, what I’m about to say. I’m telling you that unless you change some things you’re going…I’m sorry but you’re going to be dead a little more than two months from now, and it’s completely avoidable. No, I’m serious. I know, I know…but believe me, I know.

Stop taking sedatives, start working out with a personal trainer, stop drinking and start eating more vegetables. And stop with the basket-case behavior. You’re a superb actress, you’re relatively young, and the ’60s as you know them are about to change. In a sense we’re still part of the late ’50s, but huge convulsions are about to happen socially and culturally, and one of them is that in just a few years women are going to start holding each other and organizing and celebrating themselves and telling those paternalistic shits who’ve been suppressing your spirit and treating you like an object and giving you such grief where to go, and really, I swear…you just have to get healthy and tough it out and you’ll be part of a different world and everything will start to change.

And you’ll be amazed. Just hang in there and try and love yourself a bit more, and forget about the Rat Pack and JFK and that whole demimonde. You’re just going through a bad patch.