Four days ago a guy named “r/ProRevenge” posted the following revenge saga on Reddit: “So about a year ago, I made a post on Instagram about how excited I was to see Infinity War, and I foolishly used the hashtag “Thanosdemandsyoursilence” As you may know, you can look up hashtags on Instagram and browse through posts using that hashtag.

“After I made the post, a random guy (whom I assume was browsing the hashtag to find people who used it) randomly targeted me, and commented on my post [with] a full list of everyone who died. I hadn’t seen the movie [at that time], and this guy did spoil it for me.

“But by that time, Endgame was confirmed (just not the name) and it was then that my master plan was born. I messaged the guy and told him that I had already seen the movie, but that was a good prank. It was then that we became ‘friends’, so for about 7 months, he and I messaged each other, texted memes, talked about movies, and stuff like that. (Keep in mind the friendship was fake — I was just trying to get his trust and make him comfortable with me.)

“Skip forward to about last week. I bought my Endgame tickets for opening night. I asked him if he was going on opening night and he said no, which was great news. He said he was going next week (this week.) So I saw Endgame, and while I was in the theater, I took PLENTY of pictures. I took pictures of [all the heavy stuff that happens in the third act].

“When I got out, I almost thought of not doing it. I don’t like to spoil movies, but I reassured myself that this guy deserves it. So I texted him that I saw it, he asked how it was and I told him it was great. He told me not to spoil it, and I said ‘Oh, like how you didn’t spoil Infinity War?’ Then he switched moods and was all like ‘Hey man, that was a long time ago, we’re friends now,’ stuff like that.

“Then, in one glorious action, I sent all the pictures as fast as I could, messaging plot points along with the pictures. It was all over in like 30 seconds, but he definitely saw it all. He cursed me out, saying I was a horrible person and stuff. Then he said ‘why would you do that, we’re such good friends?’

“And I texted back, ‘We’re not friends! A year ago you picked me out of a crowd of thousands and ruined a movie that I had been wanting to see for months. Since then I’ve been lying to you, deceiving you and gaining your trust all for this moment. You are not my friend, just a person who got what they deserve.’ Then he cursed me out some more, and I haven’t talked to him since.”