I’ve accepted a generous invitation to visit and cover the 2012 Hanoi Film Festival (11.25 through 11.29). I’ll leave a few days before Thanksgiving to visit Danang and Hue before returning to Hanoi for four days of moviegoing, interviewing and event-covering. I’m figuring there will have to be at least four or five Asian-produced films worth savoring. It’ll be a chance to learn, open up and breathe in fresh aromas.

I’ll only be missing out on three or four days of LA screenings as Thanksgiving Week is always dark. I’ve never been to Asia so it’ll be something to write home about. I intend to rent a scooter while staying in Hanoi, and here’s hoping the wifi will be up to snuff.

“The second Hanoi International Film Festival with the theme ‘Asian-Pacific Cinema ‘ Unity and Development’ will take place at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi from November 24-29.

“Domestic and international features and short films will participate in the event, which will also include programmes on ‘Today’s World Cinema’, ‘Vietnam in the Renovation Period’ and Korean films. The highlight of this year’s event will be ‘Hanoi Night’ and an awards ceremony for the twelve outstanding Vietnamese films about Hanoi.

“An exhibition and a workshop also entitled ‘Vietnamese Cinema during the Renovation Period’ and an exchange between artists and audiences will also be held during the festival. The best feature film and best short film, as decided by the organizing board, will win prizes of VND100 million and VND60 million, respectively.”