N.Y. Press critic Armond White is calling W. “the best example of American filmmaking courage since Munich.” Intriguing thought, but the remainder of the graph indicates that White, incredibly, is in the tank for Bush. I’ve heard about White’s pro-Iraq War positions from a colleague, but hadn’t really read one of his political testaments until just now. It takes balls of steel to be a Bush guy at this stage of the game, especially for someone working in a liberal racket like film criticism.
“Our mainstream media’s vindictiveness toward George W. Bush has dismantled even the illusion of fairness,” he says. “For the past eight years, the media elite have fought back against Bush winning the presidency in 2000, corrupting the purpose of journalism and entertainment by being vehemently partisan and ferociously illiberal. By opposing the mob mentality that would hang Bush in effigy, W. imaginatively sympathizes with the most maligned president in modern history. It might be too late to restore respect for the office, but Stone knows that until we learn that Bush is like us, we learn nothing.”