Over the last 24 hours Ugly Lefty Purists have jumped in whole hog on their Beto bashing. Partly because his positions, which are obviously liberal and probably something close to reasonably progressive, haven’t been fully articulated in books or position papers, but mainly because he’s a Rich Charismatic White Guy.

Why isn’t his skin browner? Why isn’t he female? What’s with the sharp beak nose and those spazzy hand gestures? Takedown time!

Progressive, all-or-nothing, gotta-revolution crazies (Time’s Up feminists, POC anti-white-male congregations, classic Berniebots) hold the self-destruction cards in the 2020 election. They have the zeal and the rage to attack aging centrist Biden as well as practical-liberal-humanist O’Rourke, and possibly wound them both sufficiently so that neither will make it all the way to the Democratic nomination.

At least 12 to 14 months of in-fighting lie ahead, and the Stalinist SJW left is going to attack Beto non-stop…month after month, week after week…from here until the late spring of ‘20. Slash, stab, slug, jab, kick, gouge.

In the vast realm outside of Political Lefty Twitter, rank-and-file Democrats just want to defeat Trump. Most of the country regards Cheeto as a lying crime boss who has no business being in the Oval Office — they just want his ass out of office by 1.20.21, if not sooner.

But progressive crazies have a better, nobler, more elevated agenda — to bring about profound, much-needed social change by eliminating as many white guys as possible from positions of power and by voting in people of color, LGBTQs, and more AOC and Bernie types.

My gut tells me that as time gradually passes more average, sensible-minded Democrats will rally around Beto than Biden because Beto is younger, somewhat more liberal than Biden, more in the swing, more social media savvy, and more likely to beat Trump because of the generational age factor.

Polling will gradually indicate this, but the pecking order will become clear starting with Iowa and New Hampshire ‘20 — a whole fucking year from now. Biden is too old, too centrist, too gaffe-prone, and not part of the current political zeitgeist (older than boomers). He’s a holdover from the ‘80s and ‘90s. His last big moment was during the ‘08 primaries, and he couldn’t make it happen.

But the spitting rage junkies among the militant purist left are just getting warmed up. They are the ones who could and quite possibly MAY usher in a second Trump term — holders of the key to Trump getting re-elected in 2020.

A friend replies: “Your gut is wrong. Biden does not have a problem with the black vote, as Beto does. Bernie folks hate Beto. Kamala folks hate Beto.

“The 2020 general election won’t be decided by progressives. Or feminists, women of color, millennials. The deciders are going to be moderates and white-working-class Americans. Their vote matters more than anyone else’s because they actually show up to vote. Obama won because he brought out black voters AND white working class in massive numbers.

“Bernie does not have the black vote. Can’t get it. The only one right now who can draw the biggest coalition of voters is Joe Biden. He gets moderates. He gets women. He gets the black vote and white working class. He will get part of the progressives.

“This is why we are fucked for 2020. We don’t have a single candidate who can draw the necessary coalition, plus inspire people to actually come out in record numbers to vote. Being anti Trump clearly isn’t enough. Democrats are fools. Selfish, entitled, ego driven narcissists who do not know how to get the job done. They care only about how they look and feel. They don’t care enough about the environment to suck it up and do what’s necessary to halt greenhouse gas emissions. By now, this is on them, on us, because we’re idiots.

The progressives scream the loudest but they don’t control the vote. The moderates do. The silent majority. If we offer them expanded socialism, they will continue to vote for Trump.

“Most of our candidates, Biden and Beto being the exceptions, are socialism all the way. I am Team Beto. But I’m also Team Anyone. I think only Biden can win. You haven’t convinced me otherwise.”

My response: “Are you really utterly indifferent to the simple age issue? Biden was born on 11.20.42. It just ISN’T RIGHT to install someone who’ll be a year and three-quarters from 80 by the time of the swearing-in ceremony on 12.20.21.

A new President with a new agenda can’t be nudging 80 years old. It’s not right. Surely you can see that.

“Biden’s time is NOT NOW — it was 10, 15, 20 years ago. It’s a huge factor. He simply doesn’t fit into the values and mindset of the current zeitgeist.

“Imagine if JFK had never run in ‘60 but suddenly decided to run in ‘87, at age 70. Or in the early ‘90s, when he would have been 75. We all have our destinies, and part of what works for or against us is time and our timetables. You have to strike when the iron is hot, and at best Biden’s iron is room temperature.

“Beto is huge with Latinos but blacks don’t like him? Sez who? Because why…because he’s white?”