A funny Defamer thing: quoting ABC-TV film critic Joel Siegel‘s remark that “the summer’s best counter-programming is The Devil Wears Prada [being] set for release the same weekend as Superman Returns,” the assumption being that “no one in America wants to see both movies.” But [while] Hollywood’s demographic marketing research and fancy spreadsheets may spit out nonsense suggesting there’s no audience overlap, anyone who has ever engaged their hair colorist in conversation knows [that] Superman and Prada are the two must-see homo movie events of the summer. Fox may find itself disappointed after Prada’s opening weekend, when it loses a sizable chunk of the core audience that would typically show up for a Meryl Streep- channeling-Anna Wintour black comedy to the giant-screen adventures of Brandon Routh‘s Superbulge.” (Which, in case you haven’t read, involves “some enhancement” according to Routh. “To be honest a lot like a baseball player’s protection or football players wear protection for that area,” Routh told zap2it’s Daniel Feinberg. “That’s pretty much what it is except softer because I didn’t have to worry about getting hit in it.”