A guy named “El Mayimbe” has posted a script review on Latino Review of the currently shooting Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Observation/opinion #1: The script is a contemporary origin story (i.e., doesn’t take place during the cold war in the early 1950s) and is “really cool.” Observation/ opinion #2: “The first four pages before the main title sequence shows us how Bond got his double O ranking — his first two kills of MI6 Section Chief Dryden (for selling secrets) and Dryden’s contact in Pakistan.” Observation/opinion #3: “The
carpet- beater scene [from the original Ian Fleming novel] is in it, and very painful to read. For those of you who didn’t read the novel — Bond is tortured and they go to work on a body part only men have. Ouch! The filmmakers have balls (no pun intended)…kudos to [director] Martin Campbell and [screenwriter] Paul Haggis for keeping it in there.” Observation/opinion #4: “This story shows us why Bond is the way he is, the chip on his shoulder, and the origins of the super secret agent to be. For sure, the edgiest of the Bond films because this is Bond at his most edgy. For sure, the Bond that Fleming intended and the fans have clamored to see. Overall, a fantastic read.”