“A lot of the Gail Berman complaints listed by the woman who wrote to you (see the ‘Scent of Toast’ story) are bogus. The woman who sent it to you is pissed because all her projects got dropped. This always happens when a new administration comes in although they usually do it more slowly, so the pain is more protracted. I know what it’s like to work on something for years and then have it abandoned — it makes you crazy, the way you feel when a relationship you’ve invested in has come up empty. You’re mad and want to blame someone. I just lost a project at another studio because the exec was fired and this was after two years!!! Berman was told to dump everything by Grey because of the Dreamworks merger as well, so Gail is the bad guy. Yes, she’s brusque…but somehow it shows more because she doesn’t try to be a cute girl or a charming gay man or even a suave suit like most of the guys running these joints. Some studio heads are the most charming people in town — they love everything — so when things don’t move forward they don’t get blamed. Gail is honest and intelligent and talented and it would be a shame to lose her to some schmoozer that jerks people’s chains for the hell of it.” — Literary agent and producer