A penniless Anthony Pelicano is looking to part ways with his pro bono defense attorney and is planning to make a motion in court today to defend himself, according to L.A. investigative journalist Ross Johnson on his just-launched L.A. Indie website. “Pellicano wants to go quickly to trial and is willing to do it without the help of a federal public defender,” sources are telling Johnson. “In this scenario, Pellicano might use the trial as a forum to expose what he feels is the duplicity of the various state and federal prosecutors who’ve earlier used his testimony at trial and in sworn declarations after hiring Pellicano for his abilities in forensic audio analysis, said one family member. The theory is that Pellicano, if convicted at trial with himself as counsel, will have to do the same prison time as if he pled guilty, say the sources. If found guilty, federal sentencing guide lines might limit the P.I.’s imprisonment to as little as five years. ‘The government will give him eight because he’s Tony. But he’s got a temper, and if he goes Saddam in the courtroom, it could get ugly,’ says a family member.”