11:30 am update: I’ve just been informed from a knowledgeable source that the 4K Godfather has been tastefully de-grained and DNR’ed! Which nobody has reported so far. And that the slightly blown-out (i.e., white-ish, sun-bleached) look of the outdoor wedding celebration has been modified so it looks less blown-out. And that the rich 1940s-era celluloid colors (those wonderful reds, ambers and taxicab yellows) have been turned down a little bit. So -- no one has said this anywhere -- the new 4K Godfather doesn’t really look like Gordon Willis’s original version. Not really. The 2008 restoration is a faithful capturing and enhancing of the original, but the newbie is doing its own thing. That’s not a put-down -- it’s just a different bird. Or, as Larry Karaszewski said last night, “stunning.”