TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman is reporting that film directors Neil Marshall (The Reckoning) and Joshua Newton (Nicole and O.J.) were the guys who “attempted to extort veteran Hollywood executive Ron Meyer,” and whose efforts led to Meyer’s being dismissed from his vice-chairman job with Universal.

This, wrote Waxman, is “according to two individuals with knowledge of the drama that led to the mogul’s abrupt ouster on Tuesday.”

Waxman reports that both Marshall and Newton have “dated” actress Charlotte Kirk, the 28 year-old actress whose brief affair with Meyer in 2012 was the source of all the trouble.

Kirk also got down with Warner Bros. honcho Kevin Tsujihara in 2013 and ’14, an affair which led to his ouster a year ago last March. Prior to that she may have also have “dated” producer Brett Ratner and allegedly did date Australian billionaire James Packer.

I’m wondering if Kirk has ever “been” with someone who’s roughly her age and wasn’t an older dude of wealth and power who might have helped her career. If I were writing Kirk’s story for a screenplay, I would invent a young, witty, good-looking boyfriend who has no power but makes her laugh and is good in the sack. The tragedy would be that although Kirk has found a guy who really loves her, she can’t reciprocate because he’s not an industry heavy-hitter or at least a director with the option of casting her in something.