Journo pally: Did you see Biden’s speech today? Fuckin’ grand slam. You’ve got to watch the whole thing. This is a Biden who could actually win.

“I’m totally with you on every one of those posts you’ve done about Portland, the woke shitheads, etc., and the potential that has to add up to a right-wing mythology — the kind of fake-news meme (‘America is under attack!’) that ushers in guys like Trump.

“This speech answers all of that. It attacks Trump right in his sick heart, yet it also articulates a vividly hopeful image of the future the way that Obama and Reagan did. I say this with fingers crossed, but with this speech I’d say that Joe’s now got what all the middling Democratic candidates (Dukakis, Mondale, Kerry, Hillary, etc.) lacked. He’s got…the vision thing.”