In “The Truth About Woody Allen (Part II)“, which was posted on 4.8.19, author Robert Weide mentions the theatrical fate of A Rainy Day in New York, which Amazon has refused to distribute and which Allen has sued them over. However long it takes for the long-delayed film to surface stateside, Weide indicates it may see the light of a projector beam later this year in Mexico.

Key excerpt: “One thing I know for sure [is that] the Farrows may succeed in throwing some road blocks in Woody’s way, but they can’t stop him. A Rainy Day in New York is already due to come out in theaters overseas, and will eventually be released in the states — even if not by Amazon.”

Weide’s link is to a January ’19 article in Medio, which mentions that the Mexico-based Latam Pictures will release it sometime later this year.

If and when A Rainy Day in New York were to open in Tijuana before debuting stateside in any format, I would happily drive down to see it.