Woke Kindergarten sounds like a satirical joke, but it’s 100% real.

A gay third-grade teacher, Tiger Craven-Neeley, has been put on indefinite leave by the Hayward Unified School District because he’s criticized Woke Kindergarten, an actual organized cirriculum offered by Glassbrook Elementary School.

Glassbrook is a low performer in the realm of educational basis (readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic), partly, one presumes, because a basic education is seen as racist in progressive circles and because Glassbrook places a higher value on instructing students how to identity and fight against white supremacy and racial oppression.

Greeley reportedly balked at the educational idea of “disrupting whiteness”, and was temporarily banned from the training sessions. The teacher also said he was told the sessions were “not a place to express white guilt.”

The Woke Kindergarten website proclaims a commitment to “abolitionist early education and pro-black and queer and trans liberation.”

Woke Kindergarten is reportedly paid with federal funds — money from a federal program meant to help boost test scores for the country’s lowest-performing schools. Glassbrook has apparently been using Woke Kindergarten for two years of a three-year contract.

This is a grift, pure and simple.

On the other hand Glassbrook Elementary and the school district have reported an improvement in attendance last year, with 44% of students chronically absent last year compared to 61% the year before. CHRONIC ABSENCE BY 44% OF STUDENTS IS SEEN AS A GOOD THING, OR AN IMPROVEMENT?