A seasoned talent who has his alliances and enemies like anyone else in this town, but in my estimation has always had a fairly profound understanding of Hollywood power games, and who now enjoys a certain priveleged insight into upper-stratosphere Hollywood maneuverings…this guy told me something yesterday about Paramount chief Brad Grey‘s former attorney Bert Fields, who’s being pressured these days by federal prosecutors over suspicions that he may have been doing the bidding of Grey (and possibly others) when he allegedly hired indicted investigator Anthony Pellicano to wiretap certain persons in order to provide Grey and other clients with information that could help them in negotiations over this and that. This guy, in any event, declared that Fields, a man in his mid ’70s who’s lived a very elegant Hollywood poobah life for decades, is “going down” and may actually be looking at hard time…unless he rolls. (Everything is a negotiation and nothing is final until it’s final.) Federal prosecutors look upon upper-level Hollywood “as a super-secretive society, kind of like the mafia,” this guy said, and the Pellicano-Fields-Grey case is seen as a lance with which they can possibly puncture the membrane of this society, and the idea of taking some of these big Hollywood guys down frankly gets them off.